Higher Learning:

Education and higher learning facilities assist in positioning Moncton and its educated labour force as an advantage offered by Moncton.  This includes:

  • Université de Moncton. In addition to its usual courses the university has various research centres such as Energy Conversion, Environmental Sciences and Food. It also has established Chairs in Sustainable Development and in Electrical Engineering
  • Crandall University operates from its Moncton campus in the city's north end. Crandall offers a four year Bachelor of Arts program
  • Mount Allison University in Sackville is just 40 kilometers from Moncton. It has been ranked several times as number one by Macleans Magazine for small colleges in Canada
  • Elementary, Junior High and Senior High Schools offer a French and English language system. The English system also offers a French immersion program at most of the schools.


Technical Skill Sets:

A labour force that is well trained in technical skill sets is another Moncton business advantage and these local training facilities include:

  • The New Brunswick Community College has two campuses in Greater Moncton, one English and one French. In addition to their regular education programs, the colleges undertake contract training tailored to the specific needs of the company.
  • Several private business colleges operate in Moncton offering a variety of training skills